• Once a lesson has been scheduled, it is important to attend this lesson.   Student/Parent is expected to arrive on time for each lesson.   Students who are late for their scheduled lesson cannot be guaranteed their full lesson length.
  •  However, if your lesson starts late due to me running behind with students, your full lesson time will be given to you either at that time (if possible) or at the next lesson.
  • If you know you have a conflict with a specific lesson date coming up, let me know as soon as possible. The amount of notice given and the reason for missing the lesson will play a role in whether you are charged or not for that lesson. If I am not notified ONE full day in advance about a lesson to be missed, the student  WILL be charged for the lesson and I am not obligated to make up the lesson.
  • If I have to cancel your lesson, we will certainly make up the time. If we cannot make up the lesson that week, credit will go toward the next month.
  •  It is not usually acceptable to cancel lessons because of a birthday party, sporting event or other social activity. Hiring a private music teacher means devoting time to that weekly lesson and keeping absenteeism to a bare minimum.
  •  Additional lessons can be scheduled (as time is available) to help in preparation for an exam either with or without piano accompaniment. Lessons on a request-only basis are scheduled at varying times depending on availability and payment should be sent before the lesson.
  • Please make sure you have a strong internet connection and that your software is operational PRIOR to your lesson time. If the lesson begins and you are unable to make your Skype function correctly, you will still be charged for the lesson time.
  • Obviously, the technology is not always 100% reliable. If either of us has issues due to technology, we will reschedule the lesson for that week.
  • All above related Attendance points also applies to Online Students.