All potential students will receive a "taster period" equal to 4 lessons for their initial enrollment to the Studio.  Lesson fee payments can be paid at the end of each lesson during this period. 

RATES (subject to change)

£17 per 30 minute lesson
£27 per hour lesson

Monthly invoices will be emailed one week before payment is due.   Payment is expected for all scheduled lessons, whether attended or not. Lessons are available to view on the Calendar of the website.  Login for access

Holidays will be figured into your monthly lesson invoice. If there are holidays or other commitments you need to take, please let me know at least a week before the end of the month. Lessons will not be scheduled during School Holidays; however, additional lessons can be scheduled during this time when available.  Lessons on a request-only basis are scheduled at varying times depending on availability and payment should be sent before the lesson.

A "Recital Fee" may be charged at the discretion of the Teacher in covering costs of a rental hall and piano accompanist.
Cash or Cheques may be paid to the order of Erika Zeckser Owen.  Bank Transfers or PayPal are available upon request and the required method of payment for "Online Students".  Receipts will be emailed each month upon receipt of payment.

An automatic "Over-due Invoice" will be emailed when payments are not received.  Please contact me to be sure that is the case.  
Lesson fees are non-refundable.

“Regular Weekly Student” - Lesson is at the same time/day every week.
Payment is required in advance at the first lesson of each month.  
“Online Students” – Lesson is at the same time/day every week.
Payment is required in advance of all lessons scheduled, (including during the taster period).  Please make sure you have a strong internet connection and that your software is operational PRIOR to your lesson time. If the lesson begins and you are unable to make your software function correctly, you will still be charged for the lesson time.  The following software is acceptable for use with this Studio - Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

"Bi-weekly Students" -  Lesson cycle will begin the day of the first lesson and continue EVERY OTHER WEEK, until notice of discontinuation is received. Please note that if a lesson is canceled or a make-up is given on a different day, the ORIGINAL bi-weekly schedule remains in effect.