Teacher's Responsibility
  • To provide a professional quality of musical education for each student
  • To encourage the talents and strengthen the weaknesses  of each student toward instrumental playing
  • To provide reasonable advice and opinions on the taking of any exams or joining of instrumental groups
  • To prepare students to their highest potential for exams and participation in instrumental groups
  • To provide an opportunity to perform with a piano accompanist in Recitals scheduled throughout the year.
  • While not every lesson will have a ‘breakthrough’ for you, you can expect that you will leave with new or important information about the violin/viola and/or music.
Student's Responsibility
  • Student is expected to arrive on time for each lesson.
  • Students must do their best at all times during the lesson and participate fully in the lesson regime.
  • Virtual Students are expected to LOGON and be ready to play PRIOR to their lesson time.
  • Virtual Students must make sure you have a strong internet connection and operational PRIOR to your lesson time. 
  • ​Be fully prepared for each lesson, i.e. practice the material or homework you have been assigned to work on.
  • Follow guidelines pertaining to absenteeism. (Give appropriate notice.)
  • You may record lessons using your own recording device. This is also great to do so you can reference what we discussed in the lesson throughout the week.
  • You are responsible for the care and maintenance of your instrument and sheet music; please bring all your required materials to each lesson. 

Parent’s Responsibility (or student’s responsibility if over 18)

  • Parents are expected to arrive on time for each lesson.
  • All children/students need help with discipline around practicing.
  • Expect to have to remind and encourage your children to practice.
  • Students and parents both need to be accountable for consistent, quality practice.
  • Never hesitate to call or email me if there is something that your child does not understand.
  • Parent will be responsible for the behaviour and conduct of their children upon entering the Studio. 
  • Parent must be present at all times throughout their child’s lesson – to help instruct their children through practice time at home.
  • Parents will be expected to arrange the hiring of a piano accompanist for all exams.
  • Parents will be expected to arrange the rehearsal schedule and payment fee to their respective piano accompanist.